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Meet romantic Paris in artistic Taipei.

Walk along the roadway to the stunning Renai Roundabout and immerse in the scene of this beautiful city.

MANI Business Center-Renai

7F., No. 107, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan +886 2 2711 2979


At the sight of wooden walls and geometric carpets, the secretary give a cordial reception.


♦ Copying

♦ Printing

♦ Scanning

♦ Faxing

♦ Paper Trimming

♦ Binding

♦ Shredding


Accommodation:2~4 People  


♦LCD TV with Projecting Function

♦Glass Whiteboard



MANI Business Center-Renai 

7F., No. 107, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan 

 +886 2 2711 2979

♦Public Transport:

※Bus Stop:

MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Sta.、Renai & Dunhua Intersection、Renai & Anhe Intersection、Anhe & Dunhua Intersection


※MRT Station:

    Bannan Line: Zhongxiao Dunhua Exit 6


Parking Lots in the Basement of Eslite Dunnan

Block view room:

The internationally renowned designer flagship store is located in the tree-lined neighborhood, just as we understand your business in a strong business atmosphere, and look forward to enjoying the elegant and comfortable. In addition to the crowded streetscapes of Eslite and boutiques, there are trees swaying in the wind, clouds flying in the blue sky, and you can enjoy the pictures outside the window! The core area is deep and comfortable, and all the patterns are self-evident.


Professional personal room:

Take your head and let you have no worries - personal studio, Taipei office or business contact center No matter where your business needs start, please let Huitong offer a full-service solution with exquisite space and full service. In addition to the business park in the heart of Taipei, you will have a strong professional team to provide you with comprehensive business, administrative and secretarial services.


Standard executive room:

Parisian aesthetics Taipei core value-for-money service

We create a comfortable business executive space for your business with the ultimate in quality. The bright white light of green energy, the office equipment of wooden surface, the straight line of wall-mounted note-baked glass and Paris wind wallpaper; the convenient and degraded office space is only the basic threshold, we understand your demand for space texture, only Everything can be called perfect!